I recently shared a YouTube drone video of the Magic Valley that an area man produced that sparked a comment war between area kayakers and boaters. The two sides exchanged blame over increasing pollution at area waterways.

I want to start by saying kayaking is one of my favorite things to do in the warmer months. I first took up the hobby in the early-nineties, and I have personally seen kayakers not acting responsibly when it comes to monitoring their trash. Unlike being in a boat, it is easier to lose trash when you are in a kayak.

My wife and I both have zip nets in our kayaks, and any garbage that comes from stuff we eat or drink out on the water goes directly inside. We also have an inflatable tow cooler that I tie to the back of my kayak. It has a compartment for trash also. I can honestly say, I have never knowingly dumped any trash into a public waterway.

A video that was uploaded to YouTube on September 9 titled, "Adventure to Twin Falls," shows several boaters, paddleboarders and kayakers enjoying Blue Heart Springs, which is located in the Hagerman area. The video created a comment war between some area boaters and kayakers on our Facebook page, with both blaming one another for the rise is waste in area waterways.


I see garbage all the time when I kayak throughout central and southern Idaho. I don't think blame should be placed on either boaters or kayakers. Let us not forget that people often hike into our favorite locations to spend the day, and they don't always pack their trash out with them. I think there are irresponsible people that are contributing to the sunken beer cans and trash that sits beneath the waters of our favorite Magic Valley spots, so we just need to keep picking up after these people and doing our part to keep our local waters as clean as we possibly can.

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