Rivian builds electric trucks.  I found this link online.  It gives you an idea about the cost of the vehicles.  I guess you could save money by living inside one.  It beats sleeping in the park.  It may be a finely tuned vehicle, but a story in the Wall Street Journal (behind a paywall), explains Rivian is losing an average of $33,000 on every vehicle it sells.  The stock has dropped 70 percent since the initial public offering, and the company has since spent nine billion of the original 18 billion dollars it raised.

Meanwhile, Larry Fink, a man many believe is the devil incarnate, is warning the change to a green economy won’t be an easy path.  He’s the founder of BlackRock.  He told a conference in Berlin that people in underdeveloped countries are more concerned about living through tomorrow than a carbon-free future.

Now we get a warning that tires may be a bigger climate hazard than what comes out of the exhaust pipes of internal combustion engines.  You can read more by clicking here.  I guess driving will soon be outlawed altogether!

I make observations.  It’s how I earn a living.  About six to eight months ago, I saw a sudden increase in EVs on the streets around town.  But the number on the road doesn’t appear to have increased.  Maybe green energy, electric cars, and tree-hugging are fads.  The end can’t come fast enough and we can get back to living without the hectoring from greenies who’ve had a break with reality.

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