Ray Hubbard is a businessman from eastern Idaho.  You can thank him for posting some spectacular pictures on Facebook.  Of elk on the move.  Of course, it’s always good to be cautious when driving because you don’t want one coming through your windshield.  I try and be especially cautious when I’m in territory where you find large animals.

One early morning, I left a hotel in Idaho Falls and started a drive to Twin Falls.  A few miles after departure, a roadside warned of elk along Route 15.  I was driving at 80 miles per hour and quickly slowed down to 55.  I could get away with being slow because it was early enough in the day where I didn’t have much other traffic to deal with.  Then I stopped in Pocatello for coffee, and by the time I finished, the sun was coming up.

I know it smacks of remedial life, but when you consider all the recent highway tragedies in Idaho, it appears many drivers need to be reminded to screw their noggins back on before sailing down the road.

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Toss in all the additional travel we’ll see over the long holiday weekend and Grandma will be saddened if you don’t make dinner.  Or grief stricken if an elk or moose takes you out.

Of course, if you’ve got a death wish, then go to Yellowstone National Park and tease bison, elk, and bears.  I’ll have another post up soon about that stupidity.  I guess every goring, stomping, or chomping at least improves the gene pool.

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