An old Far Side cartoon shows scientists observing a group of people through a one-way mirror.  One scientist says to the others, “Gentlemen, we know they are idiots.  We need to determine what kind of idiots they are!”

I believe you have stupid, really stupid, and incredibly stupid.  The latter is the likely explanation for an Instagram video I came across.  It appears it’s from Canada.  It shows an incredibly stupid man trying to get a close-up picture of an elk, which annoys the animal to no end.  You can hear other people telling the idiot to stop and get away.  He appears to believe he’s amusing.

Do you see those big pointy things on the elk's head?  Those can puncture you from one side to another.  Being gored would seem a painful and incredibly stupid way to die.

I realize there are people fine with such an outcome.  The thinking process is we remove another threat to the gene pool.  I would rather have people behave better than watch even one stupid man die.  I also realize it’s a tall order.   You can tell neighbors and friends a great many things aren’t good for them.  It’s like telling the meth head that if he stopped, we could reduce the power of drug dealers, even slightly.

It’s possible the moron tempting the elk is an adrenaline junkie.  You probably won’t convince him until his blood is spilling and he’s watching his life drain away.

I like elk only two ways.  At a distance and on my plate.

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