The Twin Falls City Council will continue discussing the proposed 2012 fiscal year budget at its regular meeting tonight.  The Council has been going through the budget on a line by line basis and taking a look at where possible cuts can be made, if any.  One of the victims of the line by line search was $140,000 dollars for the renovation of an asphalt trail at Clyde Thomsen Park.  However, the Council also authorized the building  of new restrooms at Oregon Trail Youth Complex.  The budget is currently set at $46.2-million dollars.  That includes an increase of $380,000 dollars for road maintenance.  The total for the budget, at this point, cannot be increased but it can be decreased.  The public comment period at the meeting has passed but you can still listen to the debate as the meeting gets underway at 5 p.m. today in the City Council chambers.

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