TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-A developer that is currently constructing a multi-story mixed-use building in downtown Twin Falls is working on another pair of tall buildings along with a parking garage in the downtown area. Galena Opportunity, Inc. went before the Twin Falls Planning and Zoning Commission on November 9, to request an additional height of 85 feet for another two proposed buildings on what is now open parking that runs along 2nd Street South between Shoshone and Hansen streets. 

Images courtesy City of Twin Falls

Additionally, Galena had submitted a special use permit for a parking garage adjacent to the two buildings and the current one under construction. The garage is proposed to have 325 parking spaces, mixed between public and private use. According to city documents, the parking garage is part of a requirement of the Urban Renewal Agency regarding the mixed-use building. The commission voted to approve the special use permit for the garage. Designs submitted to the city show a four-level parking garage joined to one of the mixed-use buildings. Completion of the garage is expected in November of 2022.

Images courtesy City of Twin Falls

In addition, the commission voted to send a recommendation to the City Council to allow the mixed-use buildings to exceed the 50-foot height limit. One building is proposed to sit next to the current building under construction at 2nd Street and Hansen, the other on the corner of Shoshone and 2nd Street with the parking garage between the two. The Hansen building would have six floors with 48 residential units and retail space. The Shoshone building would also have 48 residential units, retail, but only have five floors.

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