I’ve been going to the mailbox looking for a check.  According to the Idaho State Tax Commission website, my rebate check was processed on May 26th.  The site tells me I should wait eight business days for delivery.  We had a four-day week after Memorial Day but are now well into June.  I saw a friend at the grocery store this week and he says his check was also a long wait before it arrived in his mailbox.  A year ago, a similar check arrived a couple of days after the site said it had been issued.  What’s going on here?

I had a substitute mail carrier one day this week and I was bellyaching about the delay (I’m not blaming the Postal Service, it’s a much better outfit than most people realize).  She joked that she hadn’t cashed it yet.

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Maybe bureaucratic days are longer?  Have you ever watched Inherit the Wind with Spencer Tracy and Fredric March?  It’s a film based on the Scopes Monkey trial.  The two main characters argue in court about the age of the planet.  One asks if the days could have been longer during creation.  So, maybe there’s a precedent.  Not that I’m comparing anyone at the Tax Commission to God, however.  I wouldn’t want to offend them any more than I would offend the Lord.  We’re talking about some powerful people.

Speaking of the Postal Service, a friend was working one day at a sorting center and listening to a talk radio host.  Apparently, the broadcaster was awaiting new glasses through the mail.  He called out Postal workers for being slow and lazy.  At the very same time, my friend said the guy next to him picked up a box.  Guess what?  It contained glasses.  They put the box in a bag on its way to Hawaii!  Then they talked about their prank and they ended up catching some serious heat.  Still, they got their message across.

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