Like money?

We already know the answer to that question, so here's another one: are you still waiting for your income tax return?

If so, chances are you might need to provide more information to the Idaho State Tax Commission.

All tax returns go through identity theft fraud detection and accuracy checks, the Tax Commission says. As part of that process, it may send you a letter asking that you:

  • Verify online whether you or someone you filed the tax return.
  • Take a short online quiz or provide copies of documents to verify your identity. Or, state that you didn’t file the return.
  • Provide missing or extra information that supports your tax return. Common requests include providing a copy of your W-2 or federal return or confirming your Social Security numbers.

The quicker you respond, the Tax Commission says, the quicker you’ll get your refund. If you're one of those weirdos who really doesn't care much for money, however, or you're not in any rush to receive your refund, you have three years to respond to the letter.

That's right, three years.

The Tax Commission says: "taxpayers have three years from the original due date of the return to provide any requested information and get their money. Once the date has passed, the Tax Commission can’t issue the refund.”

So, if you get a letter, it's all up to you how quickly you respond. But if we're right in our assumption that you like money, you should probably respond to the Tax Commission's letter as soon as possible.

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