Maybe it's coming to a town near you.  I received an email from an old friend.  He owns an apple orchard in Upstate New York.  He’s also served as Commander of his state’s American Legion.  His involvement with the organization means he does a lot of driving.  Here's what he has to say about food and fuel prices:

Gas at Wrights Corner yesterday morning was $5.00 a gallon, and diesel at downtown Phoenix station was $6.75 a gallon.  Eggs are almost $5.00+ a dozen,  chicken very limited if any, My brand of coffee is nowhere to be found!

The Definition of Crisis Has Arrived

We think we’ve got it rough.  He also deals with one of the nation’s largest tax burdens.  This past weekend he also watched as a demonstrator interrupted a mass at his church.  This is a country where everybody needs to eat and most of us have to drive, you would think we could be a bit more united.  In misery!

The old Silent Majority ended with the Tea Party movement a dozen years ago.  Then many of us went back to living our lives quietly.  I think the calm is going to be shattered soon.  The summer protests may begin with the angry left screaming, Hey, hey, ho, ho, but if the cost of food and fuel continues eating away at people’s security…  well, 300 million hungry Americans are going to wake up.

Food Riots Ahead?

You see, comfortable people don’t march in the streets.  They’ve too much to lose.  Make them uncomfortable and then you’ve got a prairie fire.

Democrats appear unwilling to make any changes.  Republicans are content to bank on a wave of voter retribution in November.  I hear very little from leaders of both parties saying we’re dead smack in the middle of an emergency and need action, pronto!

It reminds me of the housing and property tax debate in Idaho.  People are being financially strangled and the answer is another committee and extension of the debate society.  I guess our lords of the manor remain comfortable themselves.  I’ll tell you what, if our primary had been scheduled in August or September, there would be considerably more turnover than we saw this week.

Maybe by the end of the year, insurrection could be a good word.

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