Republicans don’t much like mainstream news media.  Conservative Republicans probably don’t like anything legacy news media reports.  Seeing a Republican jailed for contempt could give that Republican special status among voters.  It may be why a group of reporters who demanded Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin be found in contempt is now telling the judge, “Never mind!” 

You don’t need your life ruined to advance the career of some ink-stained wretch.

A decision was expected today but news people dropped their demands Friday after McGeachin had provided public correspondence from her critical race theory task force.

I was planning to raise bail!

I’ve argued before what this is really all about is “doxxing”.  The news types wanted correspondence from the Lt. Governor’s critical race theory study group.  Private correspondence.  They can intimidate private citizens and run cover for their fellow travelers on campuses and in school districts.  McGeachin was looking to protect your identity.  Was it legal?  The judge said it wasn’t.  Was it right on her part?  Let the public decide.  You don’t need your life ruined to advance the career of some ink-stained wretch.


On another news media note.  Last week, McGeachin walked away from a CNN reporter.  There’s absolutely no reason for an Idaho Republican to speak with the Clinton News Network.  Republican voters in this state can’t even find CNN on a TV dial.  They don’t watch liberal media.  CNN viewers, few of them, live in coastal enclaves.  Do you want to reach your base in Idaho?  Conservative talk radio.  One more time, conservative talk radio.  It’s all over the map and not only in the Treasure Valley.  There are at least two local shows in East Idaho and two in the Magic Valley.

I keep thinking about the campaign staffer who put her in a Tesla at a parade.  In an electric car in a community where people are facing the construction of a wind farm, which they don’t want.  This is Idaho.  We have trucks with big tires and we have conservative talk radio.  Make good use of them.

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