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Banning childhood mutilation should be a slam dunk for Idaho legislators.  However, I never underestimate the power of certain lobbies to kill a bill that would harm the bottom line.  One Idaho hospital corporation stands to make a lot of money doing surgeries on minors with gender confusion.  The campaign cash is probably arriving at the Capitol in satchels.

This morning I came across the personal testimony of a woman who worked at a clinic where kids were guided toward hormone blockers and surgery.  She’s a lesbian, a liberal, and has reached an epiphany.  She realizes we're maiming confused young people for profit and she’s ringing an alarm bell.

I shared her story via email and instant messenger with twenty state legislators this morning.  Shortly after I read a wider story at American Conservative.  Hours later, only one had responded.  State Senator Tammy Nichols is a definite yes in banning the barbaric practice.

Neighboring Utah recently did the same.  There was very little handwringing.

The only objections appear to come from mainstream media, which quickly locates confused kids and highlights the story of those mean and bigoted conservatives and Christians who are forcing the young to live the way they were born.

I worked for 17 years in newsrooms.  There were many unbalanced and marginal people working at nearby desks.  You’ve got a lot of people on the left who know they’ll burn in hell forever.  They want to take along your kids as mascots.  The groomers, Satanists, and degenerates need to be stopped.

The lefties argue we’re not consistent when we say parents have the right to send their children to a school of their choice but won’t allow mom and dad to saw off Jimmy’s genitals.  That comparison is evidence the real sickness is in the hearts and minds of liberals.

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