The message is simple, the new President of Boise State University is a clown.  Several state legislators received post cards in their mail, depicting the woman as a clown and the state education establishment as enablers. Marlene Tromp has been on the job at the university for only a few weeks but she’s alienated many Republicans with plans for a more diverse campus, such as separate graduations for the left-handed, the fat and the short.  O.K., I’m being facetious, although.

She does plan to play identity politics at graduations and she’s a proponent of special programs for young people who grew up here after their parents crossed into the United States illegally.

Democrats are offended by the cartoon on the postcards but what doesn’t offend them?

Several legislators I spoke with received the cartoon and shared pictures with me.  The Idaho Statesman explains the cards carried a Spokane postmark, which could suggest the work of the cartoonist originated in North Idaho.


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