Ten days from this writing.  It may be the most anticipated moment of life in the Magic Valley next to the lifting of coronavirus restrictions.  The new state-of-the-art D&B Supply store is almost complete.  A coworker explains the soft grand opening should fall on Thursday, February 25th.  The old store may close early next week and then in the course of the move you may suffer what we’ll call D&B withdrawal.

A coworker explains the soft grand opening should fall on Thursday, February 25th.

The new location is taking the place of the old Kmart, which sat at the intersection of Eastland Drive and Addison Avenue East.  On the southeast corner of the intersection.

It’s going to be considerably larger than the old store.  Parking should also be easier to navigate.

D&B is much more than a farm supply store.  The first time I ever walked through the doors I marveled at the selection of wood burning stoves.  I was buying some dishes that day for the stray cats living behind our radio studios and I passed boxes of chirping chicks.  On the way out the door I encountered some people I know checking out some firearms.

It isn’t just the variety.  It’s the uniqueness of the variety.  D&B stores know the customer base.

I’m going to predict a large grand opening event when the weather gets a little warmer.  Some of the people I work with have broadcast from the current store and I imagine they’ll be returning for what’s surely to be a party like atmosphere.  I also imagine traffic the very same day is going to be thick.  People want to break the extended cabin fever we’ve been under for nearly a year.


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