In my continued pursuit to bring you all the coolest, locally-shot videos that help remind us of just how wonderous of a place Twin Falls County is with its many scenic landmarks, this week's post fits the mold, and includes day and night footage of the Snake River and Perrine Bridge.

Drones, if nothing else, have helped open our eyes to never-before-seen vantage points of our favorite area spots that we wouldn't normally get to chance to see with our own eyes. Not unless you have the ability to fly that is.

A new YouTube video post to the channel of TheEverydayPro on May 30, 2020, is sixty-seconds of wonder. There are great shots of the underside of the Perrine Bridge, cool evening footage of the lights of Twin Falls and amazing aerials of the banks of the mighty Snake River, which appear to have been recorded several weeks ago due to the snowy remnants of the past winter.

A neat view through the joined hands of one of Twin Falls most beloved statues overlooking the canyon was another great addition to the production. And as far as the music in this one, Lorde's "The Love Club," adds a sort of euphoric sense to the share that blends perfectly with the aerials.

We want to thank TheEverydayPro for sharing this minute-long creation. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I did.

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