The witless will say we shouldn’t give terrorists any ideas.  Yeah, like they haven’t already thought about taking down bridges.

At the moment, there’s no credible evidence terrorism had any relation to the tragedy in Baltimore.  The logical reaction is that this was a terrible accident.

The Two Bridges are the Same Age

My last trip across the Key Bridge was several years ago.  It looked decrepit at the time.  There were construction workers on the job when it collapsed.  A caller to my radio show agreed that pictures of the collapse may hint at some structural issues.  The caller has worked on bridge design, including being consulted on building a new bridge over the Snake River Canyon near Twin Falls.

The loss of the Key Bridge will cause massive traffic problems and greatly harm the economy in the Chesapeake Bay region.  That’s what will get the attention of terrorists.

Don't Give Terrorists Ideas

The Chief of the U.S. Border Patrol claims we’ve had 140,000 “gotaways” this fiscal year at our southern border.  Assuming a few hundred could comprise terrorist sleeper cells, what could they do to our national economy by taking down 50 bridges?  Sabotage is an ancient form of warfare.

Even if we have nothing to fear from scheming bad guys, what would happen if we lost the Perrine Bridge over the canyon?  It’s the same age as the span in Baltimore.  I’ve sat afternoons having lunch at IHOP and watched the heavy trucks roll in both directions over the Snake River.  Hundreds per hour.

Environmentalists in the Way

Replacing the bridge would require years of costly research to appear to the environmentalists.  Then years to construct.  This community would cease to exist.

We need another span, just for a backup, and we need a closed border.  Liberals get in the way on both counts.

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