A year of living in Twin Falls without a visit to the Shoshone Falls is a year not truly lived to its fullest. Not only are the falls an amazing sight when the water is roaring but it also gets you outside and enjoying the great outdoors of Idaho. Sometimes though, you just want to sit in your warm house and watch videos of the great outdoors. Over the last few years the type of outdoor videos available are on a new level thanks to the drone invasion. For a while it seemed like we were getting really good drone videos every few days that we could post or write about. Maybe fall isn't drone season. AerialFlicks has posted a video of Shoshone Falls on YouTube, and while it doesn't look like a recent video it is worth watching.

I watch these videos and it makes me want to buy a drone. But I know that if I bought a drone I would be too scared to fly it over the falls in fear of losing it. So, in the end I don't have a drone and I just watch other people risk their property for great videos. If you missed the full flows a few years ago you can check out the video below and then make sure you go check them out in the spring.

The Shoshone Falls are majestic and you can always check out what they look like beforehand in the live video feed.

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