The Aurora Borealis is going to be out in full force tonight across the Northern Hemisphere, and that means you could see it in Idaho.

How to See The Aurora Borealis In Idaho

The main thing you need to do to prepare for seeing the Aurora Borealis is to head somewhere remote, dark, and away from city light pollution. That sounds like the setting for a horror movie but it will offer you the best chance at seeing the Northern Lights in Idaho.

Head North To See The Northern Lights

For your best chance at seeing the lights tonight, you should head as far north as you can. Many people have reported seeing the lights from Craters of the Moon National Monument in Southern Idaho and at the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve to the northwest of Boise in the Sawtooth National Forest.

When Will The Northern Lights Be Visible

As with all things in nature, your ability to see the Aurora Borealis in Idaho is fully dependent on weather conditions. We need clear skies to see the lights and, possibly bad news for us, it is predicted to be cloudy tonight in Southern Idaho. If you head north there is still a chance for a cloudy night with the addition of some precipitation, but the brightness of the lights will increase as you head further north.

You Can Also See The International Space Station Over Idaho

Along with the chance of seeing the Northern Lights tonight, the International Space Station will be visible over Idaho Thursday night and Sunday night. Thursday at 9:35 PM it will appear from the northwest and travel to the southeast. Sunday night will follow roughly the same path across the sky beginning at 8:48 PM.

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