For many people who have created private bucket lists of locations or activities they'd like to see or take part in before they die, I would imagine having a spectacular view of the Northern Lights is high up on that list for many.

I don't have a very extensive bucket list. There is no top 10 checklist I've put together of experiences I haven't yet had, that I'm hoping to get the opportunity to partake in before the vessel that is my flesh encompassing all major organs, blood vessels, and bones, is sent through the incinerator, or lowered into a hole in the soil. I just want to live the longest I can for the sake of my children. A credit card balance of zero would also be cool.

Now, if someone put a gun to my head (please don't) and told me I had to come up with five things I'd like to do or see before this borrowed, physical time of mine runs out, well then I'd definitely furnish said gun holder such a list. I'm not sure what trips would make up lines two through five on this adventure agenda, but number one is certainly reserved for the Aurora Borealis. I'm not talking about catching a glimpse from a few hundred miles away over a border into a neighboring state or country either, I'm talking about lights directly overhead, a glass of whisky, snow at my feet, and a warm fire so close I could feel the heat on the back of my neck.

Some incredible footage was shared on October 12, 2021, from KREM 2 News. It shows a series of photographs of the lights taken in eastern Washington and northern Idaho. I hope someday to see the lights for myself. Idaho does have one location up north where I hear the viewing is pretty decent.

Balanced Rock Star Shower Dec 1 2020

Hansen Rock Creek Christmas Lights 2020

Dierkes Lake Frozen In Winter

Patio Dining Igloos

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