Wednesday night, the Northern Hemisphere was treated to a unique showing of light after two solar flares sent charged particles into the Earth's atmosphere. The light show was seen as far as Southern Idaho, and the pictures shared by residents are stunning.

Pictures Of Northern Lights In Idaho

I tried to see the Aurora Borealis from here in Twin Falls, even though the best chances to see anything would have been farther north and in a less lit location, and didn't see anything special. That doesn't mean the lights weren't visible here in Southern Idaho. Pictures have been shared online, and you can see them below, of what the lights look like just north of us at Mountain Home Reservoir and further north into the panhandle.

I have to admit that I was surprised that the lights could be seen so well from just a few hours to the north of us. I was also a little sad that I didn't make the short drive to a darker location to better my chances of a light show. Next time I'll prepare better.

Even Without The Northern Lights Idaho Skies Can Be Colorful And Beautiful

I stumbled across this picture in a group that doesn't show the Northern Lights, but the colors on these clouds at sunset are equally stunning.

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