I think movies have done a pretty good job of lying to us and building false representations of certain professions. If you were to ask me what I thought the most obese profession was - I wouldn't pick any that actually made the list!

Would you guess that the men and women keeping us safe in our communities every day are among the most overweight group? That's what the Wallstreet Journal says!

  • Police officers, firefighters, and security guards - 41% are obese.
  • Social workers, clergy, and counselors - 36% are obese.
  • Home health aides and massages therapists - 35% are obese.
  • Architects and engineers - 34% are obese.
  • Bus drivers, truckers, and garbage collectors - 33%.  The average for all U.S. workers is 28% are obese.

The least obese professions are just as surprising since I'm imaging all scientists sitting behind computers eating junk food and sodas...

Scientists and researchers are the least likely to be obese, followed by artists, actors, athletes, reporters, doctors, EMTs, and nurses.

Are you surprised by any of the professions on these lists?

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