This is a boat that will not appeal to everyone, but it will make everyone stare because of how unique it is. The pretty pink 168 Boss boat is the dream boat of any fan of pink, Barbie, Mary Kay, or Marilyn Monroe. And all this time you thought Tom Selleck was the real dreamboat.

The boat is listed on Facebook Marketplace out of Wendell for $45,000. It has a new engine, upholstery, carpet, and stereo. Plus it comes with a custom pink steering wheel and other bonus extras. The 168 Boss is a cool boat too because it looks and drives like a car: the throttle is a gas pedal on the ground and it was designed to look like a Porsche 911.

Preety Pink Boat For Sale In Southern Idaho

For the technical stats: the boat is 17 feet long with a 200 HP 4.3 liter V6 engine, hydraulic shifter, foot throttle, and a RAM air intake system.

The boat is touted as being the only pink 168 Boss in the United States, which seems right. The 168 was only produced in 1995 in the UK so not many ever made it here to the states. This pink beauty has been in Southern Idaho for a few years and the seller is only listing it on Facebook Marketplace because she needs money to fix her broken dock. She's also hitting up her friends for some cash so she doesn't have to sell the prized boat. From the pictures that also seems fair since the damage looks to be caused by a big girls' party on the dock.

Judging by the listing pictures, this dream boat was also used as a show boat.

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You can see the boat in a previous listing video below from two years ago which is when the current seller says she bought it.

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