Only Heroes Have iPhones
This is great news cause I have a friend who is total iPhone hater, and often suggests that people who use iPhones are dumb. Well guess what... When you watch a movie, any movie, the villain won't ever have an iPhone. Here's why.
What Scary Movies Will You Watch For Halloween
Since we have to wait until October 31st for Halloween and Trick Or Treat On Bish's Street, over the weekend we finally decided to try to get into the Halloween spirit by having a party, carving pumpkins, and watching a scary movie.
Top 10 Greatest Movies From The 80’s
I am not proud of the 80's. I think there were a lot of fads and other things that happened that should be forgotten. That doesn't mean everything was bad though. Quite a few bands shone through the darkness of that decade and there were a number of irreplaceable cinematic masterpieces! In…
What Movies Is ‘Netflix’ Getting Rid Of In 2014
According to a post on Reddit, Netflix is planning a movie purge. I just got Netflix about 2 months ago so I know I have barely scratched the surface of all the show options on there - so for me I'll never know what I missed. What movies is Netflix getting rid of in 2014?
Is Catching Fire A Chick Flick?
Tonight's the night! Catching Fire is being released. Most of the people going to the premier tonight are females, but I know several husbands that have a slight interest in the movie. Like the rest of us they want to know what happens to Katniss and Peeta.Other men would argue that the movie i…