Plagues are like oceans.  A wave comes rolling in.  Then it rolls out.  I made my first visit to an ocean 46 years ago this month.  I last saw an ocean six years ago this month.  Liberals tell us it’s about science.  O.K., then the wave action is always the same.  The same I witnessed over a span of 40 years.  It was the same for millennia before my witness.  It’ll be the same long after I’m gone.

the decline has been the steepest in South Central Idaho where we’re not gagged by a mask mandate

I’m thinking the folks in newsrooms are beginning to look like the Boy Who Cried Wolf.  The Idaho Statesman carries a story about declining COVID-19 numbers in the state (the election is over and the damage done).  You can read the story by clicking this link.  Can I also mention the decline has been the steepest in South Central Idaho where we’re not gagged by a mask mandate?  In California, where they’re living under Soviet style controls, the pandemic remains out of control.  Or from a transmission standpoint.

There are far more serious diseases.  As a kid I lived through outbreaks of measles, mumps and chicken pox.  The country didn’t shut down.  Restaurants, schools and businesses remained open.  The country thrived.

If someone had measles in October and died in a car accident in November, measles wasn’t listed as a cause on the coroner’s report.

We’ve turned millions of Americans into snitches and scolds.  It’s a bigger threat to long term cultural health than any disease.  I’ve often mentioned on-air an old boss.  He ran psychological operations in Vietnam before a career in broadcasting.  He says what we’ve been experiencing is classic psyops.  By the time most of the snitches realize they were played, it could be too late for what we knew as the Good Ole USA.  I had some similar thoughts on-air on Newsradio 1310, KLIX.  You can listen by clicking here.  Two short segments on the sum of our current malady.

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