Is there anything dumber than an American liberal?  Yes, a subset from Oregon.

I can remember the first time I saw a dope dispensary in Ontario, Oregon.  The parking lot was packed and a good 90 percent of the cars were from Idaho’s Treasure Valley.  It’s bad enough the goofy leftists in Salem decided to prey on their people for profit, they came after ours.

Now the greedy salivating Democrats have trouble on their hands.  What we used to call junkies are terrorizing liberal enclaves along the Oregon Coast.  Those limousine liberals paid top dollar for their homes in exclusive neighborhoods.  Now they can’t even go for a morning run without playing hopscotch through poo.  Or being approached by aggressive panhandlers.  Or robbed.  Or worse.

The chickens have come home to roost.

Oregon is now going to backtrack on some of its progressive ideas on addictive and often deadly drugs.

Like they didn’t see this coming?  Well, it worked when the professor ran a computer simulation.  Liberal legislators must have been working under their hazy cloud when they initially decided to enshrine civilizational collapse in law.

But here’s the sad part.  The idiots who decided in the first place won’t pay a political price.  My guess is the reversal came because some legislative leaders don’t like homeless addicts reeking of pee in their backyards.  And it’s not like a fiscally responsible and logical Republican can get elected west of the Cascades.  The tie-dyed freaks can’t change their stripes.

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