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The New York Times is campaigning for legalizing marijuana in Idaho.  The east coast liberal newspaper has a lengthy story promoting what it sees as the benefits in neighboring Oregon, where dispensaries are clustered to serve Idaho’s Treasure Valley, where the drug remains illegal.  The Times offers a limited number of stories online before you hit a paywall.  Some of you may be able to read the report by clicking here.

If not, the writer claims the tax benefits from the 11 pot shops in Ontario, Oregon have allowed the town to hire additional police and first responders.  The story doesn’t mention if there was a greater need for law enforcement after the shops opened.  That would be a logical question, but one not asked if you work for the Times, the bible of American liberalism.  The reporter is cheerleading for legalization in Idaho, claiming the sin taxes could offset rising property taxes.

The Times writer also cites a poll from a pale imitation, the Idaho Statesman.  The paper called some fellow travelers and found two-thirds support medical marijuana and nearly half back all-out legalization.  The Times interviewed some Boise liberals, who also crave a joint.

A few years ago, I visited a dispensary in Ontario and discovered nine out of 10 cars in the parking lot were from Idaho.  The Times I had a similar experience.  Two wrongs don’t make a right.

As many of our neighboring states can attest, you can legalize and also tax prostitution and gambling.  I’ve visited some places in Nevada where almost anything goes.  I can also tell you the majority haven’t benefited.  Not from the ramshackle housing stock I witnessed.

For those telling the Statesman that Idaho needs legalization, just remember.  This isn’t your granddaddy’s marijuana.  But, hey, most people don’t have time to read medical journals and absorb the sad tales.

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