TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) Resent weather has resulted in some spectacular sites in and around Idaho, from the raging Shoshone Falls, to flooding along the Salmon Falls Creek.

Another site to see, that is pretty rare, is what is being called the "Ring Gate" or "Glory Hole" at the Owyhee Reservoir in southeastern Oregon. The Owyhee Irrigation District shared video of the water rushing out of the reservoir on their Facebook page. The Owyhee Reservoir is located near the Oregon-Idaho state line just southwest of Parma. The reservoir is fed by the Black Canyon Creek.

According to the Owyhee Irrigation District information, the last time water drained from the Ring Gate was in 2011. A reservoir in California caught the eye of the public recently with a similar water mechanism at the Monticello Dam (you can see video of that below). Meanwhile check out the video from the Owyhee Irrigation District.

Here is the Monticello Dam drain hole in California

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