Recent shootings in Twin Falls are a sign not only of violence but incivility as well.  The latter is on display every day on the roads.  Twice this week, I’ve seen drivers arguing at stop lights.  Both along Washington Street.  I was stopped behind an old blue Mustang convertible a few days ago.  The rear window was missing and I could see the people inside.  Someone in the passenger seat was giving a middle finger to the driver to the immediate left.  The second driver was leaning out the window of an old white Montero and giving the same signal.  After the light changed green, the two vehicles sped up to the next light, then both stopped and the rude gestures resumed.

After the second light changed, the driver of the Mustang slowed and then slid in behind the Montero.  I was slowing down to avoid what looked like danger coming.  Then the Mustang turned quickly onto Falls Avenue.

Is this rare?  Well, a couple of days later, I saw two drivers making the same gesture on the same street when stopped at lights.  Eventually one turned tight onto Cheney Drive and I found myself to the left on one driver.  The windows were back up and tinted black.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this behavior.  We now know there are people who live or are visiting Twin Falls that will use guns to end disputes.  There’s a disregard for human life and it appears to be a growing cancer in the community.

It’s looking more and more like Mad Max on local streets.

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