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Was this intersection on Washington Street a hazard?  The signs are relatively new and explain southbound traffic isn’t required to stop.

I had two sets of guests on Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KLIX who both talked Tuesday morning about the rapid local population growth.  Much of that now buying or renting homes in new developments on the south side.  Locals may be familiar with the unusual stop on South Washington Street, but I believe it could confuse newcomers.  I’ll cite an example from my own past.  My hometown has two traffic lights.  I was an adult before I ever saw a traffic light with a left turn arrow.  It was confusing at the time.  Lucky for me, I didn’t get into a crash.

I need to offer gratitude to most of the southbound drivers on Washington Street.  If they’re not making the left-hand swing, they usually will turn on a right turn signal.  It’s a courtesy.  Then there are those who will continue to the right and not signal.  Before you call them feminine hygiene products, keep in mind some are nice people and signaling right slipped their minds.

By the way, a state trooper joined us on-air and explained there’s a spike in drivers running red lights.  Some nasty accidents have occurred.  Traffic deaths statewide since Memorial Day are ahead of where we were at this time last year.

Our roads often haven’t kept pace with our growing population.  Additionally, there are often no more than three troopers on the road across our eight-county region of southern Idaho.

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