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There are facts and then there is propaganda.  Check out this link from the loony left.  The headline reads Idaho is hiring men to hunt down women seeking abortion.  The writer calls it satire, but of what?  Having been accused of using clickbait (never intentionally) I can sniff it out from halfway across the globe.  The writer is referring to Idaho’s efforts to protect young women who may be trafficked across state lines for an abortion.  This isn’t funny.  Even people who call themselves pro-choice can’t possibly find laughter in ending a pregnancy.

Despite the hyperventilation from the left, Idaho can’t arrest someone who might get an abortion in Spokane, where the abominable practice is legal.  What Idaho can do is slap the cuffs on an abuser or pimp that would force a girl to cross the state line for the procedure.

Funny, the writer doesn’t examine that aspect.  He wants to create an image of Idaho as the Handmaid's Tale.  That's dangerous.  Some men would go to great lengths to cover up a pregnancy caused by rape.

Let me tell you something about the angry, frustrated American left.  The demons are finally getting some pushback on the cultural front.  That includes their efforts to sexualize children and legalize crime.  It makes them mad and they sometimes lash out violently.  Witness what happened last week in Nashville only days after one leftist demographic was urged to seek vengeance against Christians.

Do you know what the news media and liberal reaction (and I’m redundant) would be if conservatives called for violent retribution?  The leftists would be blamed more than the gun.

The sad thing is, the anger will only get worse as sane people start re-asserting cultural control.  They’ll stop dressing up their calls to violence as a joke and blood will flow.  Hey, they don’t have any respect for innocent life in the first place.

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