There are a lot of crazy things going on right now in the world but there are some good things too. People are doing nice things for each other and kids are learning skills not traditional in schools. There are some practices that we should keep after this whole thing is over.

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  • 1

    Less pressure to wear make up

    Ladies, if you enjoy wearing make up every single day that is great and you have a commitment that I can't obtain. However, if you are like me and feel the pressure to wear make up rather than doing it for yourself, that pressure should be gone. Make up isn't necessary, you're beautiful without it.

  • 2

    Pajamas to work

    I have gotten away with wearing pajamas to the office a few times because it isn't like anyone is going to see me! Let's embrace it and stay comfortable!

  • 3

    Daytime naps

    Sleep is good for your health! Let's promote healthy habits and allow random 20 minute to hour long power naps throughout the day. No judgement here.

  • 4

    Disinfecting shopping carts

    I really like this one. Shopping carts can be pretty germy. It would be nice to see people continue to wipe them down as they use them and after.

  • 5

    Adequate hand washing

    Not sure who needs to hear this but wash your dang hands after this is all over too.

  • 6

    Experiment with learning

    All kids learn differently and watching parents get creative to teach them is inspiring. Kids need to learn things that aren't taught in classrooms.

  • 7

    Don't just go in for a hug

    I get it, I am a hugger too, but apparently we can make people uncomfortable. Maybe read the situation before going in for a hug. Unless your goal is to make it awkward then hug away!

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