TWIN FALLS, Idaho. (KMVT/KSVT) - Wednesday morning the Idaho Attorney General's Office recounted votes from one of the primary election races Twin Falls County held in May. Current County Commissioner Leon Mills called for a recount over the race for his position. The election results from May said voters chose Twin Falls City Councilman Don Hall as the official candidate for District Two's county commissioner. Since Mills requested the recount, he had to pay $300, that's $100 for each precinct. He wanted a recount in precincts two, three and ten.

"When the recount was conducted no votes shifted, so the election result will stand as it was before," Michael Gilmore, Deputy Attorney General. The ballots now are sitting at the Twin Falls County Sheriff's office, and they'll stay there during the 24-hour appeal period where Mills can challenge the votes again if he wants to. Officials counted the votes by hand, then again by machine. In each count, Hall came out with 61-percent of the vote.

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