There are two major sources that are reporting that smart people are moving west. The fact that I chose a picture of a monkey playing chess probably means I'm not one of the people they're talking about.

The word of smart people comes from Bloomberg and the US Census Bureau. They have this big number-cruncher which calculates how smart people are in regards to math, science, technology and engineering.

I got my name wrong on a driver's test once, so no surprise I was not a part of this survey.

If you look at the map of where the smartest people are moving, you'll notice big green areas on the Idaho and Montana border and also in Oregon and Washington state.

One of the funny things about the map is it reveals that alongside a big green area of smart people in Washington state is also a red area of dummies. That has to mean the commute right on the border between smart and dumb people there would be epic.

Colorado is also reported to be a haven for the super-intelligent. Whoever did this survey has obviously never been in the bleachers at a Broncos game.

Read the full report from Bloomberg if you got more than a 25 on your ACT score. As for me, I'll work on perfecting my blank stare.

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