Have you paid much attention to the people eating next to you?  When you’re dining out.  Do you recognize the super-rich at dinner?  If Thurston Howell III happened to be at Olive Garden, about the only thing you would recognize is his ascot.

I’ve only been to the Olive Garden in Twin Falls once.  I can’t find clam linguine on the menu anymore.  That was really good stuff and it made me an Olive Garden regular for many years.  My daughter liked it because the music piped in sounded like what her grandfather listened to, which was Sinatra, Vail, and Bennett.  Which is what you would expect from a guy of Italian descent from New Jersey.  And she liked the breadsticks.

Most Americans like the menu.  A writer at the Washington Post says research shows Olive Garden is popular among Americans from all backgrounds.

International House of Pancakes (IHOP) is another.  Locally, I would also say the same for Perkins and Denny’s.  Aside from the chain restaurants, I’ve also found it’s the same for places such as Buffalo Café.  People like comfort food, no matter the neighborhood where they live.

Do you know why I like IHOP?  Aside from the pancake and syrup choices?  In Twin Falls, there’s nothing quite like the view from the north side of the restaurant.  It’s relaxing to sip coffee and watch the traffic roll over the Perrine Bridge.

If we can agree on a good and affordable meal, can we agree on politics?  That may be a bridge too far, but while we’re eating, we’re not attacking fellow diners.

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