If you look closely, you can see a man at the intersection with a sign.

I saw the guy while eating my lunch.  I like the view at the International House of Pancakes.  I get to look at the traffic along the Perrine Bridge and it’s relaxing.  Instead, the waitress seated us in another part of the restaurant where we had some privacy but faced the west and the south.  I looked out the window and saw the man panhandling.  I’ve seen him before.  This is his workstation.

This is His Regular Job

He has a sign that says he needs a motel room and gas. Giving the impression he’s stranded in Twin Falls and needs a few bucks to get back on the road.  He has been using the same corner for months, so I guess he isn’t a transient.  There’s nothing illegal that I can see in his actions and he really appears to be enjoying his time.  At one point Monday, he broke into a dance during a moment when traffic was light.  Then he left for a few minutes.  He returned with a gas can, which he used as a prop.  Again, he vanished for a few minutes and then came back without the gas can.  Most people passing by don’t give him money but a surprising number do shell out a few bucks.

The money you likely wouldn’t claim when it came time to pay taxes.

Magic Valley Labor Shortage

There are payroll jobs available all over southern Idaho.  Twin Falls County Commissioner Brent Reinke told me this week he spoke with an employer who needs to fill 200 positions.  A local pastor explained that Home Depot has three dozen vacancies.

But, you see, panhandling offers freedom.  You set your own hours.  You don’t answer to a boss and if you’re willing to be out there in weather extremes you could possibly reach people emotionally and collect even more money.

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