Forget the southern border, the bigger scourge is taking place on the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco.  We call some governments in Latin America failed states but how do you describe cities and a state under one party rule?  It leads to denial.  Politicians claim they can’t see the obvious.

Where does it go without a sewage treatment facility?

We complain about many of the California transplants who come to Idaho (for instance, they’re responsible for ridding Teton High School of the name Redskins).

Maybe a bigger fear is the disease they could eventually send our way.  Epidemics parts of the world haven’t struggled with since the Medieval Era.  These are being spread in homeless encampments and without quarantine could lead to modern plagues.

Doubt what I’m talking about?  What happens when a population larger than Twin Falls goes to the bathroom in the streets?  Where does it go without a sewage treatment facility?  How about rats?  What can they spread as they breed among the filth piled high?

Some of the answers come from Dr. Drew Pinsky.  He appeared on television and shared a warning.  You can watch below:

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