First, if you’re living in a city, think 28 Days Later.  A man and his daughter have taken refuge in a high rise.  It gives them a decent defensive perimeter.  It’s only after fleeing the city that he dies.  Being at ground level, your threat level increases, though.  You can get out and forage if you’re prepared to defend yourself.  Places like Los Angeles will be far more lawless than even today.

Rural California will offer a better opportunity for survival—the same with eastern Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.  But you’ll have to start preparing before the event.

This crossed my mind this morning when I received a call from a member of the audience and he referenced the national debt metastasizing.  The Congressional Budget Office predicts things will get far worse.  And soon!  The social safety net could collapse in a decade.  Aid to state governments will quickly dry up and inflation could make events in Argentina look like a picnic.

So, what to do?  My LDS neighbors have stored a year or more of food.  Some even have a 20-year supply.  Do you live near a source of fresh water?  Within 20 miles of where I live, there are hundreds of springs gushing fresh water.  Some people would seal them off.  Be prepared to barter.  Get to know a few neighbors now.  Does your state make it easy to arm yourself?  Store ammunition in a safe place (you can also trade excess).

Buy things now that some people will want or need.  Store caffeine and alcohol for swapping.

Money could be useless.  Look into storing a few boxes of junk silver for barter.  Don’t share details about where you hide ammo, food, and silver.

If you can’t do these things and you live in an urban setting, consider prayer.

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