Each year the Boy Scouts of the Magic Valley and across the country orchestrate a food drive called Scouting For Food that is simple and helpful. Scouting For Food 2013 is this weekend.

The food collected will go to the Salvation Army and the South Central Community Action Partnership.

The Boy Scouts go to each door in their neighborhood and leave an empty bag. The next weekend they go back out and pick up the bags that local residents have (hopefully) filled with canned goods. The boys handed out bags last weekend and they will do the food pick up Saturday November 2nd in the morning. If you did not receive a bag or lost yours - you can use any grocery bag and the boys will know to grab it off your porch.

They ask that if you plan to donate food you have the bags out on your porch by 7:30am. If it does get late in the morning and the scouts have not picked up your food, you can contact them to come and pick up your donations.

You can either call - 208-733-2067

Or you can text your address to - 208-490-0009