As we first reported yesterday questions still remain about Idaho State Senator John McGee's bizarre behavior last month.  McGee has not responded to media requests for medical records. The requests were made after McGee and his lawyer claimed that his bizarre behavior and subsequent arrest was not just from alcohol, but a concussion. McGee pleaded guilty to drunken driving last week.  During his hearing, McGee's lawyer says the senator fell and hit his head.  Shortly after the Associated Press requested the senator make public medical records to prove he suffered a concussion, but McGee and his lawyer have yet to respond to multiple requests over the last five days. Deputies arrested McGee early on June 19, charging him with driving under the influence and grand theft. McGee said he was at a golf tournament with his brother hours before he took an SUV attached to a cargo trailer from a home, got stuck and then fell asleep in the backseat. McGee received a sentence that includes a $1,000 fine, 24 hours of community service and mandated alcohol counseling.