Apparently snow kayaking is becoming a more and more popular thing around the world. To me it looks ridiculously dangerous but also ridiculously fun. If you can't ski or snowboard, try snow kayaking. It might be the thrill you need this winter.

I know that I absolutely cannot ski or snowboard. I never tried to ski because I have some rough knees and I tried snowboarding one time. I spent a lot of time on my bum trying to get down the mountain. I am also afraid of heights so getting on a ski lift is kind of petrifying. Snow kayaking looks like something I might be able to enjoy.

There are more and more videos popping up of the extreme sport. I can't tell if it looks harder or easier than white water rafting, another thing I am not sure I am good at. I think kayak racing should start taking over the slopes. Forget tubing, get in a kayak, inflatable or not, and race down the mountain. At least you can use those oars as pretty good steering.

Maybe they just make it look easier than it actually is, but I think this is something that ski resorts could make some serious cash on. Especially if you could get a guide like on a white water rafting trip and just enjoy the ride. Maybe I am just lazy, but hey it looks like a blast anyway.

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