Some areas of the state are dealing with warmer temperatures and precipitation which is causing some flooding in low-lying areas.  A flood-watch was in effect over the weekend in eastern Idaho.   In Dubois and throughout Fremont County on Sunday, the extra moisture was hampering an effort to hold back flood waters. Flooding has affected the area for several days. Pools of water are overtaking roadways and spilling into fields. 


Keith Richey, the emergency coordinator for Fremont County, said snow with a high water content is making residents nervous. Some homeowners in Ashton have requested more sandbags, and some County Roads are  closed due to flooding and road damage. The town of Bellevue is also dealing with some flooding issues.  Starting last week the warm temperatures and continued rainfall has caused snow in a few large fields north end of town has started to melt and is entering the town through Slaughterhouse Canyon.  Over the weekend many of the towns’ residents were filling sand bags, and the city is diverting the water down to Main Street, where it runs down the curb line to a storm drain , and then to a canal.  So far only a few homes have been threatened with some minor damage.  City officials told KMVT they hope to have the situation resolved in about a week.  The National Weather Service extended its Flood Advisory for Central Blaine County to Monday afternoon.

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