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Were you disappointed in the quality of the chicken wings you ate during the Super Bowl?  Let me tell you where you can find a place where they do wings the right way.  It’s in Blaine County.  In Bellevue.  It’s called Mahoney’s.  It has a great menu but the wings are simply out of this world.  From the moment a hot, steaming order lands in front of you, there’s a sweet odor that fills your nostrils.

I grew up near Buffalo, New York.  I’m picky about wings.  Mahoney’s rivals anything I ever ate in western New York State.  Good wings are evenly cooked.  None of the meat is pink.  None of the skin is loose.  The sauce isn’t soup but a glaze.  Mahoney’s wins on all counts.  The place also serves great burgers and fries and even has choices for healthy eaters.  Not that fries and wings are unhealthy.  If you eat a couple of dozen wings every day, I suppose your doctor may have a point.  On the other hand, “in moderation” is a wonderful bit of advice.

The owners have original ties to Minnesota.  You’ll see paraphernalia for the Twins, Timberwolves and Golden Gophers.  Sadly, they also like the Green Bay Packers.  They grew up near the state line in Rochester with a father from Wisconsin and, yet.  I’ve worn my Vikings gear (usually on purpose).  It led to a long conversation one afternoon about the greatness of Fran Tarkenton, and they agreed he was great!

I hadn’t lived in Idaho for even three months before I discovered Mahoney’s.  I only regret I don’t live closer.  As I write, I can almost smell the wings.

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