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Idaho is apparently an expensive place for camping.  And dangerous.  And with limited access.  That’s the conclusion of a website called  It places California first, which isn’t a surprise due to the size of the Golden State and the multiple climates.  Idaho ranked 35th and just ahead of New Jersey!

You can read the explanation by clicking here.

I travel a lot throughout the mountain west.  Usually, I stay in hotels.  I just like the amenities and no bears have ever approached me in the lobby of the Plaza in Salt Lake City.

I do understand the lack of accessible camping in Idaho.  Try and make a reservation at a state park for a cabin.  Some parks are better than others when it comes to vacancies, but in many, you should be making plans a year in advance.

If you have an RV, you may also find limited availability.  Staying the night outside Walmart just isn’t the same, however.  You won’t fight big crowds at 6 o’clock in the morning as you pick up some supplies.

My dream camping trip in Idaho is to the Palouse.  Sleeping there under the stars is on my bucket list.  Some modern SUVs allow you to do this on the roof, keeping you off the hard ground.  You can also find some RV parks in the region.  If you’re planning to look at the stars before bed, another option is northern Nevada.  There’s very little man-made light and very few other people.  Owyhee County here in Idaho would offer the same experience.

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