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For what the liberals keep calling a long shot, they sure do give a lot of attention to the Greater Idaho movement.  The latest is Pravda-on-the-Potomac, sometimes known as the Washington.  A couple of weeks ago, it was CBS Sunday Morning.  I thought CBS gave the issue a balanced look, which is rare among the Democrat Party’s auxiliary in the mainstream media.

The people who say the secessionist movement will never work are looking at an old paradigm.  The country is changing and people are self-sorting by belief systems.  The future of the United States may be a mutual defense pact in case of foreign attack, and not much more.  The day may come in Oregon when the liberals simply can’t stand the conservatives anymore.  The lefties already despise their eastern neighbors.

If we allowed for self-determination in America, you would likely see much of Oregon, Nevada, and northern California join Idaho.  It would increase Idaho’s bloc in the House of Representatives.  The liberals would drop any pesky objections to their hare-brained policies.  Fewer representatives, but a more pure Marxist approach within their delegations.  Would that be called a win-win?

The liberals don’t want to lose tax revenue, but they would also save on road maintenance and other services.

They’ve been making the argument that marijuana is illegal in Idaho and the minimum wage is lower.  News for them, nobody here makes minimum wage, and in eastern Oregon, there’s no love lost for dispensaries.  I’ve been there and the leaders of the Greater Idaho movement aren’t much for illegal drugs.

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