TWIN FALLS, IDAHO (Sawtooth National Forest) – As the 4th of July weekend approaches many recreationists will be out enjoying the Sawtooth National Forest.  The Sawtooth National Forest encourages everyone to “Know Before You Go” and learn about important information to make your trip enjoyable and safe.

Sawtooth National Forest
Sawtooth National Forest

SNOW can be found on all Districts as well as the Sawtooth National Recreation Area on the Sawtooth National Forest. You will find wet roads, trails and campgrounds.  We urge visitors not to enter areas that are wet to protect infrastructure as well as your personal equipment.  Not all areas on the Sawtooth National Forest have cell coverage, if you get in trouble you may not be able to get help.


Responsible Motorized Use.  Please stay on designated routes and obtain the appropriate travel maps before you go. On the Sawtooth National Forest visitors should carry the FREE Motorized Vehicle Use Maps, available at Forest Service Offices throughout South Central Idaho. Free maps can be acquired by visiting one of the Sawtooth National Forest offices, by phone, or by mail.  These maps are also available for free download from the website at:


Keep it Clean to Avoid Bear Encounters!  Bears often develop a strong liking for human and pet foods.  Store food in hard-sided vehicles or bear-proof containers; keep sleeping areas, tents and sleeping bags free from food and food odors; and wash up, change clothes and remove all scented articles nearby before going to bed.  Wild bears avoid people, but bears conditioned to human food can be aggressive and may be euthanized if problems occur.


Fireworks are prohibited on all national forests year-round.  Even if it’s “green,” please practice good sense by using caution with fire and smoking at all times, in all places.  Drown, stir and check your campfire for heat with your bare hand.  ALL fires must be DEAD OUT before leaving the site.


Be Careful with Fire.  While the Forest looks green, fire danger is an important concern.  Fires can start very quickly and burn in vegetation that may seem green but is drying out at an alarming rate.  There are no fire restrictions at this time.  Please when leaving your campsite for the day or when leaving for home, “make sure your campfire is cold to the touch”.

Campground Information.  It is very important to know the “length of stay” limit at the campground or campsite that you are using. Camping is allowed at developed campgrounds and dispersed sites. In some areas dispersed camping is limited to developed campgrounds and designated sites only.  In areas where dispersed camping is allowed you may travel no more than 300 feet off of an open Forest road.  Stay limits vary from 10 or 16 consecutive days.  Once you have exceeded the stay limit at any dispersed site you must relocate. Stay limits and relocation requirements are posted along main road corridors or you can contact any Forest office for specific area information.  All campgrounds will be open and reservations can be made at .

Baumgartner Campground is closed to the public while repairs are made to the campground.  If you have questions regarding Baumgartner Campground contact the Fairfield Ranger District at 208-764-3202.

Personal use fuelwood permits can be purchased at any Forest office. Permits are $12.50 per cord with a 2-cord minimum and a 10-cord maximum per household.  Each Forest fuelwood permit is valid for use on the Sawtooth, Boise or Payette National Forest.

The following campgrounds will be open for the 4th of July holiday:

Ketchum Ranger District

  • Boundary
  • Federal
  • Sawmill
  • Copper Creek

Fairfield Ranger District

  • Hunter Creek Transfer Camp
  • Canyon Transfer Camp
  • Bear Creek Transfer Camp
  • Five Points Campground except for Site 1 which has flood damage
  • Willow Creek Campground
  • Willow Creek Transfer Camp
  • Chaparral Campground
  • The public is allowed to walk into the pool at Baumgartner Campground from Forest Road 227.

Minidoka Ranger District

  • Schipper
  • Steer Basin
  • Lower and Upper Penstemon
  • Big Bluff
  • 3rd Fork
  • Porcupine Springs
  • Pettit
  • Diamondfield Jack
  • Father & Son
  • Bostetter
  • Bennett Springs
  • Sublett
  • Mill Flat
  • Clear Creek
  • Bear Gulch
  • FS Flats campground
  • Harrington Picnic Area are open
  • Forest Service Road 785B and Forest Service Road C are closed

Sawtooth National Recreation Area

  • Wood River Valley
  • North Fork – Campsites 20-28 are open
  • Murdock
  • Wood River – Campsites 1-8 are open
  • Easley – Sites 7 & 9 are closed due to flooding
  • Alturas Lake Complex
  • Pettit
  • Smokey Bear Campground
  • Alturas Inlet
  • North Shore – Closed due to flooding
  • Tent Sites
  • Redfish Lake Complex
  • Chinook Bay
  • Glacier View
  • Mount Heyburn
  • Mountain View
  • Outlet
  • Point
  • Sockeye
  • Sunny Gulch
  • Redfish Inlet and bridge are closed
  • Salmon River Campgrounds east of Stanley
  • Salmon River – riverside only
  • Casino Creek
  • Riverside (river side only)
  • Mormon Bend
  • Upper and Lower O’Brien – closed indefinitely due to hill slides
  • Whiskey Flats
  • Holman
  • Stanley Lake
  • Stanley Lake
  • Stanley Lake Inlet – only 4 campsites are open due to flooding

Highway 21 west of Stanley

  • Sheep Trail
  • Trap Creek
  • Elk Creek
  • Iron Creek
  • Grandjean

Source: Sawtooth National Forest


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