One of the only reasons that I continue to tolerate Facebook is the Magic Valley Camera Club. This group is a breath of fresh air in the middle of all the political mudslinging, drama kings and queens and people sharing what they're having for dinner. 

What you will find in the Magic Valley Camera Club are some amazing photographers in our area that sometimes capture spectacular moments around us. The fact that we live in such a photogenic area doesn't hurt either.

Here are just a handful of sweet pics from the group. Thanks to Vickie DillardJeffrey Hite, Nicolas Arevalo, Nancy Chocker, Tyson Davis, Todd Craig, Cathy Nash Wilson, Laura Meghan Minard, Trudy Pearson Barnes, Terri Johnson, Jeremy Searle, Peggy Armstrong, Rachael Buck and Liz Goff for allowing us to share their work. If you would love seeing the work of these and other talented photographers from around the Magic Valley, be sure to join the group Facebook page.