UPDATE: Source of "Booms" Found in Lincoln County
UPDATE: Authorities say they now know what was causing the "booms" in the Shoshone area during the weekend. According to the Shoshone Police Department, Lincoln County Sheriff's deputies determined the sounds were made by Tannerite, or exploding targets, southwest of Shoshone.
Is Our Free Speech A Dwindling Myth? KLIXcast
Now you can get prison time for threatening someone online.  Have the "thought police" already arrived?

Paula Sinclair and Alice Anderson tell us about the upcoming CHRISTmas concerts with the MV Symphony and MV Chorale.
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What ARE Those Loud Booming Sounds?
Monday more Magic Valley residents reported hearing mysterious loud booming sounds.  They were reportedly heard as far away as Gannet.  What are they?  The Air Force?  Aliens?  A new, top secret pulse engine?  Did you hear them?

Trip Craig will be sitting in today for St…