UPDATE: Authorities say they now know what was causing the "booms" in the Shoshone area during the weekend. According to the Shoshone Police Department, Lincoln County Sheriff's deputies determined the sounds heard during the weekend were made by Tannerite, or exploding targets, southwest of Shoshone.

SHOSHONE, Idaho (KLIX) Law enforcement in Lincoln County spent the weekend attempting to track down mysterious sounds reported around Shoshone and surrounding areas. The Shoshone Police department posted on their Facebook page reports of "strange booms" being heard Saturday and Sunday. The police department says it tried to track down the source and couldn't find anything. Lincoln County Sheriff's deputies also got involved in the search and didn't turn up anything. A number of people on Facebook reported hearing the loud booms and rumbles in various parts of the county. Authorities say they will be contacting agencies today that may know more about the "anomalies" for more information. During the fall of last year residents in the Magic Valley reported hearing and feeling the booms in a number of areas. However, the sounds are nothing new to the area as people have reported hearing them in years past. The Shoshone Police Department asked people to call SIRCOMM, 208-324-1911, if they actually see something that may be causing the sounds and report it so police can pinpoint the location.

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