I used to live in a part of the country surrounded by air bases.

Sonic booms were common.  I’ve also lived in some frigid climates where on winter days loud sounds echoed across the landscape and there was a strange and constant roaring in the sky.

Recently, the number of people claiming to hear booming sounds across the country is increasing.  The science writer, Brett Tingley, has a story detailing the seeming epidemic of “booms”.

Are we actually experiencing more of this phenomena or during the Internet era are we better at tracking?

I spoke with Lt. Colonel Steve Hyle, retired from the U.S. Air Force.  He was the Administrator of the Shuttle Challenger Commission, served in Southeast Asia, as a liaison from the Pentagon to Capitol Hill and with the Thunderbirds.

He now lives along the Atlantic Coast and tracks anomalies related to the atmosphere.  You can hear his explanation by clicking this link.

You should also know there's much going on you never hear.  Click this.

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