The Collapse of Christian America (Opinion)
Drug overdose now kills more Americans than car accidents.  Meanwhile, a new book maintains Christian faith has crumbled in white America and won’t ever return.  Are the two related?  We spent the first-half of Top Story asking the question...
Having a Baby? Drive to Oregon
Looking to have a child in a safe place?  Then, leave Idaho and travel to one of the northern coasts.  WalletHub has compiled a list of best and worst states to have a baby.  Much of New England, Oregon and Washington State are in the top 10.  Idaho places a fair #20.
Twin Falls Prosecutor Grant Loebs
Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs is looking for another four years in office.  He spent the second hour of Top Story with us today.  The Prosecutor fielded questions from callers and also offered his argument for re-election.  Primary Day is May 17th...

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