I used to be a registered libertarian voter.  Our founding fathers were very much libertarian.

Libertarianism isn’t anarchy

Unless you were chattel.  Libertarianism isn’t anarchy.  When I was a member of the Libertarian Party, I had nothing against harmful drugs, gambling and prostitution.  I still sometimes buy lottery tickets.  I’ve no use for streetwalkers or heroin.  The latter is especially harming our country.  Live and let live only goes so far.  We’ve had an entertainment industry glorifying these horrors for 50 years.  Cultural survival is at stake and I don’t believe in legalizing any more drugs!  Tobacco is bad enough and alcohol already reigns as the greatest destroyer of people.  At the close of Top Story, I shared my concerns.  There was some disagreement from the audience.  You can hear the discussion start about halfway through the following video.  By the way, freedom of religion doesn’t include human sacrifice.  Our constitutional values are based on cultural norms.

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